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If You’ve Seen One Televangelist, You’ve Seen Them All

October 18, 2015


Stumbled upon Cindy Trimm on YouTube. Another false preacher of her own multi-million dollar ministry.

Found out she was born into poverty in Bermuda and, as a teenager, she quickly figured out how to weasel people out of money by becoming a self-promoted teacher of God. She is a former senator from her native land.

Trimm claims to be an empowerment specialist but her specialty is milking followers of their money. She sells her own religious courses, DVDs, books and tapes. She has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

She has conned Ebony Magazine into naming her one of the top 100 “doers and influencers in the world today.”

She is associated with the Kingdom School of Ministry to teach others how to fraud desperate souls searching for salvation.

She is a master at brainwashing and her words are toxic. She holds a doctorate degree in rhetoric and propaganda.

Be forewarned: She is growing at a faster rate than cancer. Somebody call the Center for Disease Control.

Do not allow yourself to become her next victim.