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Beyond Gravity: The Remarkable Mind Of Sir Isaac Newton

October 15, 2015


Sir Isaac Newton lived in England from 1642 until 1727.

After the Italian astronomer Galileo proved that it was the earth which revolved around the sun and not the other way around, Newton wanted to figure out what kept the planets and the moon in their orbits.

The apocryphal tale is that a falling apple helped Newton to conclude that a force which he called gravity was the responsible kingpin.

Newton also created the branch of mathematics known as calculus. Much of the way that our world exists is based upon Newton’s study of logarithms.

Newton developed a better telescope utilizing a mirror instead of a lens. It was an improvement and led the way to how telescopes are presently designed.

It was Newton who discovered that white light is actually a combination of the spectral colors of the rainbow.

Upon the inspection of his private Cambridge papers, British economist John Maynard Keynes noted that Sir Isaac Newton involved himself with the dark science of alchemy. Alchemists looked to prove that the creation of a philosopher’s stone had magical powers that could turn ordinary lead into gold.

Probably Newton’s biggest obsession which he worked on until his dying day was his attempt to unlock the secrets of the bible codes. He believed that the bible held mystical messages of past, present and future events which were hidden in mathematical configurations of scripture that were impossible to theorize until the advent of the computer.

According to his research, Newton wrote that the end of Earth would occur in the year of 2060.