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September 16, 2015



Mae Brussell – The First Lady Of Conspiracy Theories

August 4, 2015

motorcadeMrs. Mae Magnin Brussell (1922 – 1988) was a Beverly Hills housewife and the mother of five children. When President John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963, she purchased a copy of the Warren Commission’s 26-volume findings for $86 and started to do her own research into the convoluted investigation and became interested in voicing her opinions about a conspiracy theory regarding the President’s assassination.

Her varied topics and findings of cross-referenced material filled thirty-nine four-drawer filing cabinets and, for seventeen years between 1971 and 1988, she went on the radio with her own conspiracy program regarding the shooting and other subjects such as governmental mind control techniques and talk of German Nazi leader Adolph Hitler faking his wartime suicide and living until 1987.

Her daughter Bonnie was killed in a tragic car accident in 1970 and Brussell took that as a warning used against her by her enemies.

A 1975 death threat received from Manson-follower Sandra Good drove Brussell off the air temporarily. Sometimes Brussell
resorted to recording her shows at home on a cassette tape recorder and mailing out copies to her subscribers. In 1983,
Brussell’s show was picked up by listener-sponsored KAZU-FM in nearby Pacific Grove.

She completed 862 broadcasts during her lifetime and had a loyal following including Len Osanic and Anita Langley who created
their own Black Op Radio conspiracy network.

Brussell died in 1988 at the age of 66. One theory upon her death was the use of an oncovirus which likely caused her demise from cancer.

Soap Of The Brokenhearted

August 5, 2010


Wash that event right out of your hair!  This fractured bar of soap is perfect for those who suffer from disappointment, whether personally or professionally.

Found at a discount store in Central Pennsylvania for just pennies on the dollar, lost love never smelled so good.

Obviously, There Is More Than One Captain Obvious

February 28, 2010


According to the Urban Dictionary, there are numerous (and repetitive definitions) of “Captain Obvious:”

1. A sarcastic name for someone who states the obvious.

Capt: “The sky is blue.”
Man: “Thanks, Captain Obvious.”

2. A phrase quite obviously inspired by John Madden.

Contrary to popular belief, Captain Obvious is capable of flying but is afraid to, so he drives around the country in an RV, constantly on the lookout for blatantly obvious things to explain to the general public.
“Buffalo trails New England by three points at the two minute warning. When we return, that means Buffalo will have two minutes left to try to score. A field goal will tie the game. A touchdown will put Buffalo ahead. If Buffalo scores with any time left on the clock, New England will have a chance to try and score…”

3. A very slow-witted individual, usually one who states the most obvious thing.

A: “Hey, water’s wet!”
B: “Good call, Captain Obvious!”

4. Someone who says something that is so obvious, it’s not worth remembering what the person actually said.

Jim: “Hey, the world is in the universe!”
Timmy: “Well,well, thank you, Captain Obvious.”

5. Saying something that is obvious, that didn’t need to be said, and someone pointing out, wow, well done.

Another common term linked to this is also ‘No shit, Sherlock!’

6. Anyone who states the obvious.

Someone: “Soda’s bad for you.”
Me: “Thanks, Captain Obvious!”

7. A person who states the obvious as if nobody knew it already.

8. When a person says a thing that is obvious, you call them Captain Obvious.

9. Someone that has stated the clearly obvious.

A. “Hot chocolate is hot.”
B. “Thank you, Captain Obvious.”Coffee Cup

What Would Your Last Meal On Earth Consist Of?

July 9, 2009


If you were going to the electric chair for execution, what request would you make as your last meal?

My food choice is simple: Angel-hair pasta with white clam sauce and garlic bread.

Absolutely yummo but I wouldn’t live long enough to compliment the chef.


My Duct Tape Wallet Rocks!

June 20, 2009

ducti-2Cashiers have often commented on it as I’m at the counter. I enjoy having my very own duct tape wallet. It’s so different. The classic bi-fold design is slick, too. Thanks to Mr. Stupid (Gary Apple) and his great website ( for such unusual products – like an online Johnson-Smith catalog.

It’s totally ducky (quack!)