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Web Sleuths Are Not CSI

August 11, 2015

Crime Solvers of the Internet. Hardly.

Delutional? Most definitely.

Fantasy or Factual. Fake is more like it.

Tricia Griffith has her own website and twitter feed.

She’s a virtual Charlie Chan. Encyclopedia Brown lives.

All hail Dr. Haledjian from Two-Minute Mysteries.


The Internet Was Built To Sell Books

August 11, 2015


Did you read about your subject on the internet? Do you want to buy the book? The real book is just a click away.

How about the e-book? Books for sale. Books for sale. Do you want to buy the book?

Information for sale. Twenty-four seven. That seems to be why the internet was made.

As a virtual snake oil hawker.

Just resist.

Mozilla Firefox Has One Terrific Logo

July 29, 2009


What is Mozilla? (I like their mission statement…)

They’re a global community of thousands who sincerely believe in the power of technology to enrich people’s lives.

They’re a public benefit organization dedicated not to making money but to improving the way people everywhere experience the Internet.

And they’re an open source software project whose code has been used as a platform for some of the Internet’s most innovative projects.

The common thread that runs throughout Mozilla is their belief that, as the most significant social and technological development of our time, the Internet is a public resource that must remain open and accessible to all. With this in mind, their efforts are ultimately driven by their mission of encouraging choice, innovation and opportunity online.

To achieve these goals, they use a highly transparent, extremely collaborative process that brings together thousands of dedicated volunteers around the world with their small staff of employees to coordinate the creation of products like the Firefox web browser. This process is supported by the Mozilla Corporation, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.

In the end, the Mozilla community, organization and technology is all focused on a single goal: making the Internet better for everyone.

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The Mozilla Firefox Logo is pretty cool, too. I love how the fox has a flame-like tail and is wrapped around a neutral-looking earth (no recognizable continents).  Simply superb!