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Beyond Gravity: The Remarkable Mind Of Sir Isaac Newton

October 15, 2015


Sir Isaac Newton lived in England from 1642 until 1727.

After the Italian astronomer Galileo proved that it was the earth which revolved around the sun and not the other way around, Newton wanted to figure out what kept the planets and the moon in their orbits.

The apocryphal tale is that a falling apple helped Newton to conclude that a force which he called gravity was the responsible kingpin.

Newton also created the branch of mathematics known as calculus. Much of the way that our world exists is based upon Newton’s study of logarithms.

Newton developed a better telescope utilizing a mirror instead of a lens. It was an improvement and led the way to how telescopes are presently designed.

It was Newton who discovered that white light is actually a combination of the spectral colors of the rainbow.

Upon the inspection of his private Cambridge papers, British economist John Maynard Keynes noted that Sir Isaac Newton involved himself with the dark science of alchemy. Alchemists looked to prove that the creation of a philosopher’s stone had magical powers that could turn ordinary lead into gold.

Probably Newton’s biggest obsession which he worked on until his dying day was his attempt to unlock the secrets of the bible codes. He believed that the bible held mystical messages of past, present and future events which were hidden in mathematical configurations of scripture that were impossible to theorize until the advent of the computer.

According to his research, Newton wrote that the end of Earth would occur in the year of 2060.


The Fine Line Between Sheer Brilliance And Insanity

September 16, 2015


I didn’t even know who American pianist/composer/author/comedian/actor Oscar Levant was but now feel the need to apologize for paraphrasing him.

Natalie Wolchover of LiveScience asked the same question, “Why Are Genius and Madness Connected?”

Her views: “Many of history’s most celebrated creative geniuses were mentally ill, from renowned artists Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo to literary giants Virginia Woolf and Edgar Allan Poe.

Today, the fabled connection between genius and madness is no longer merely anecdotal. Mounting research shows these two extremes of the human mind really are linked — and scientists are beginning to understand why.”

The rest of her research becomes scientific and goes into explaining details about bipolar disorder.

Not exactly the direction where I was heading but one of life’s little mysteries, only less mystifying.

Space; The Final Frontier

September 16, 2015


Captain’s log: 3:12am – Hurtling through space at a speed of 66,000 miles per hour (107,000 km/hr).

Rotating speed: Nearly 1000 miles per hour (1200 km/hr).

The force of gravity: Currently at 32 feet per second squared (9.8 meters/second squared).

Other than the sun, the nearest celestial star is over 25 thousand billion miles (40 thousand billion km) away.

This isn’t any science fiction journey of a team of astronauts on a mission in the universe. This is one night’s battle with insomnia.

Captain’s log: Out.

The Real Or Imagined Problem Of Global Warming

August 9, 2015


According to the website of the World Natural Health Organization, global warming is nothing more than a hoax like
Y2K. “Global warming is being used to generate fear and panic. Those behind this movement are using it to control
people’s lives and for financial gain.”

The German news agency “Deutsche Welle” however reports that the polar ice caps have melted faster in the last 20 years
than in the last 10,000. A comprehensive satellite study confirms that the melting ice caps are raising sea levels
at an accelerating rate. The primary cause is pointed at global warming.

Global warming is mainly the result of CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels rising in the earth’s atmosphere. Both atmospheric
CO2 and climate change are accelerating. Climate scientists say we have years, not decades, to stabilize CO2 and other
greenhouse gases.

Marine biologists say global warming causes ocean acidification. The ocean presently takes up one-fourth of the carbon
CO2 emitted to the atmosphere from human activities. As this CO2 dissolves in the surface ocean, it reacts with seawater
to form carbonic acid that increases ocean acidity.

While our understanding of the possible consequences of ocean acidification is still rudimentary, both the scientific
community and the society at large are increasingly concerned about the possible risks associated with ocean
acidification for marine organisms and ecosystems.

To help the world succeed, makes it easy to see the most current CO2 level and what it means.
Use this site to keep an eye on CO2.  Invite others to do the same. Then we can do more to send CO2 in the right direction.

The World Is Covered By Two-Thirds Of Water

August 9, 2015


H2O makes life possible.

If planets can sustain those elements, they can sustain life.

The earth is covered by two thirds water yet only about one percent of water is drinkaable.

Water, water everywhere but rare a drop to drink.

Cosmos 1: Solar Sailing That Resulted In Failing

September 29, 2010


As part of a $4 million dollar joint effort between The Planetary Society of Pasadena, California, and Cosmos Studios of Ithaca, New York, a solar-sailing project called “Cosmos 1” was launched from the submarine Borisoglebsk of the Russian Northern Fleet in the Barents Sea on June 21, 2005.

Just 83 seconds into the mission, however, the rocket boosters never separated from the craft and the airborne vessel went down somewhere near Novaya Zemlya. Team crewmembers were initially unsure of its flight status and were holding onto false hope that Cosmos 1 was put into orbit as originally planned.

“We have no regrets over what happened,” said Bruce Murray, cofounder of The Planetary Society. “We’ve learned a lot and think we’ve shown what can be possible and what might be able to be done.”

Solar sails are designed to be propelled by pressure from sunlight, much like a spinning Crookes radiometer device when exposed to the Sun. This would allow for increased orbit energy.


Light particles, known as photons, reflect off the spacecraft’s giant mirror-like sails, pushing the craft forward. Because a solar sail carries no fuel, and in principle can keep accelerating over almost unlimited distances, it is the only technology known today that could one day travel to the stars.

Named as one of the most innovative ideas of 2005 by The New York Times Magazine, the possibility of launching another spacecraft in the near future is still being explored.

Pluto Not A Planet Debate Rages On

July 28, 2009


Seems like people, like myself who are set in their ways, cannot adjust to demoting Pluto from being the ninth planet in our solar system…. Here is a variety of viewpoints:

Pluto is no longer a planet, according to a new official definition. Instead the icy sphere will be considered one of more than 40 “dwarf planets.”

Why is Pluto Not a Planet? The story of how Pluto lost its status as a planet. Pluto is no longer a planet, according to a new official definition. Instead the icy sphere will be considered one of more than…. Astronomers approve new guidelines under which distant Pluto is no longer defined as a planet — but the icy world’s advocates …

Pluto is still a planet. Only four percent of the IAU voted on the controversial demotion, and most are not planetary scientists. Their decision was immediately opposed in a formal petition by hundreds of professional astronomers led by Dr. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto. One reason the IAU definition makes no sense is it says dwarf planets are not planets at all! That is like saying a grizzly bear is not a bear, and it is inconsistent with the use of the term “dwarf” in astronomy, where dwarf stars are still stars, and dwarf galaxies are still galaxies. Also, the IAU definition classifies objects solely by where they are while ignoring what they are. If Earth were in Pluto’s orbit, according to the IAU definition, it would not be a planet either. A definition that takes the same object and makes it a planet in one location and not a planet in another is essentially useless. Pluto is a planet because it is spherical, meaning it is large enough to be pulled into a round shape by its own gravity–a state known as hydrostatic equilibrium and characteristic of planets, not of shapeless asteroids held together by chemical bonds. These reasons are why many astronomers, lay people, and educators are either ignoring the demotion entirely or working to get it overturned. I am a writer and amateur astronomer and proud to be one of these people. You can read more about why Pluto is a planet and worldwide efforts to overturn the demotion on my Pluto Blog at ~Laurel Kornfeld

PLUTO is not a planet,but its far better to be a Dwarf PLANET,and there are hundreds of Dwarf PLANETS in the solar system which does not resemble PLANETS.

Suddenly Pluto has been demoted from being a true planet to being a dwarf planet. Discover why the solar system just got smaller, how Pluto differs from the…

Pluto Demoted! Not a planet anymore?  by Chris Frantz … A dwarf planet does not meet the third condition of a planet, but it must meet a…

Pluto the planet is dead. The baby in the solar system’s familiar nine-planet pantheon, … It did not settle on an official name for the category…

Pluto’s Not a Planet. It’s My Home. Welcome to eightSeven music dot com … not enough stones so i gotta stay rollin.

Pluto not a planet? WTF? I’m sorry but I’ve said this before, God made 9 planets. I heard that somewhere so its true.

If Pluto’s Not a Planet, Is Ketchup a Vegetable, a Fetus a Person, or Same-Sex Marriage an Oxymoron?

As most people probably know by now, pluto is no longer a planet. I find this funny, and I actually made a t-shirt that says “PLUTO’S NOT A PLANET!”

A planet has to dominate the neighborhood around its orbit. Pluto has been demoted because it does not dominate its neighborhood…

“Pluto is not a planet” – well, the good people of Aschheim – a little place just outside Munich – may have known it all along. …

Pluto not a planet? Oh, you mean like Rhode Island’s not a state… Pluto is not a planet. The asteroids are not planets and the hundred of thousands Pluto-like bodies that swim in the region just outside the…

Why I’m glad Pluto’s not a planet… This is a thoroughly stale topic, but it manages to come up again and again.…/why-im-glad-plutos-not-a-planet

I think it is a horribly bad idea for Pluto not being a planet. I so totally think it is a dumb idea that Pluto is not a planet. The scientist people that…

Pluto Not a Planet, Astronomers Rule -by Mason Inman. Pluto has been voted off the island. The distant, ice-covered world is no longer a true planet, according to a new definition of the term voted on by scientists today. “Whoa! Pluto’s dead,” said astronomer Mike Brown, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, as he watched a Webcast of the vote. “There are finally, officially, eight planets in the solar system.” In a move that’s already generating controversy and will force textbooks to be rewritten, Pluto will now be dubbed a dwarf planet. But it’s no longer part of an exclusive club, since there are more than 40 of these dwarfs, including the large asteroid Ceres and 2003 UB313, nicknamed Xena–a distant object slightly larger than Pluto discovered by Brown last year.

Pluto, a planet since 1930, got the boot because it didn’t meet the new rules, which say a planet not only must orbit the sun and be large…,2933,210275,00.html

SciGuy: Pluto’s fate has been decided — NOT A PLANET.  Oh my, Pluto is not a planet. Please join me in opposition to discrimination against Pluto. I have set up an organization…

Pluto: The Planet That Used to Be. Pluto is not only the smallest planet in the solar system, but it’s smaller than seven of the moons in the solar system (Earth’s moon; Jupiter’s Io, Europa,…

So Pluto’s not a planet. It’s an iceball. Deal.

What If Neil Armstrong Were Gay?

July 21, 2009

Lunar Gay Landing

Okay, he’s not a homosexual. He’s a national hero for being the first astronaut to step on the surface of the moon forty years ago. But this sure would have been a funny quote if he was.

It’s not an original concept. It might have come from Rowan & Martin’s “Laugh-in” yet it still makes me chuckle every time I think about it.

Alien Life Forms Exist In Outer Space

July 14, 2009


I am not a trained astronomist but I do have a passing interest in the science. This is purely my own theory on why I believe alien life forms exist in outer space.

I believe that life exists on Earth only because of the exact distance we are away from the Sun which makes our ongoing life cycle possible.

Since our Sun is a star, and there are millions of stars in the universe, chances are some of them must also have planets revolving around them.

And, because of this probability, some of those planets might be similarly distanced away from their Sun like we are to ours.

So water, as well as life itself, might possibly exist on those planets. Which means remote evolution is likely.

For this reason,  I truly believe that alien life forms do exist in outer space.