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30 Random Things… including Meadowlark Lemon!

December 1, 2015


1. Gorillas are my favorite animal.

2. I once had an autographed picture of boxer Duane Bobick.

3. My favorite musician is Warren Zevon.

4. In 1978, Olympic swimmer John Naber rushed me off a pay telephone at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

5. My 1999 Toyota Corolla has over 275,000 miles on its odometer.

6. I know all of the words to the Canadian National Anthem.

7. I’m a card-carrying member of The Three Stooges fan club.

8. I once rolled ten strikes in a row the very first time I used a new custom bowling ball that I bought on eBay. Never came close since.

9. Boiling in hot water is my preferred way of cooking hamburgers.

10. Shoulders are my favorite female body part.

11. I once ran into goaltender Bernie Parent coming out of a convenience store and held the door open for him.

12. I regret not picking up the cork from a champagne bottle celebration after Hulk Hogan beat the Iron Shiek to become wrestling champion.

13. While also working at the Madison Square Garden Network in New York City, I once gave Wayne Gretzky a television set.

14. As a child, I remember throwing up in the dentist’s chair. The dentist had hairy fingers and I gagged on a loose hair.

15. I like redheaded women.

16. Of all the movies that I have ever seen, I think I have watched “Goodfellas” the most.

17. The tip of the middle finger of my right hand needed 14 stitches when it nearly got cut off in the spokes of a bicycle.

18. I always had success fishing using slices of hotdogs as bait.

19. I remember crying when I once missed an annual episode of The Grinch That Stole Christmas. Had to wait 364 days to see it again.

20. Tying a postcard to a helium balloon to see how far it travels is something I always wanted to do.

21. In my youth, I was almost electrocuted playing “Hide The Penny” at a neighbor’s house. He hid it inside a lamp fixture.

22. I unofficially once held the world’s record for snatching a pile of quarters that were first balanced on my extended elbow.

23. Seeing Meadowlark Lemon and the Harlem Globetrotters perform live was a childhood thrill of mine. Immediately following that exhibition, I got to see Billy Cunningham score his 10,000th point as a Philadelphia 76er against the Cincinnati Royals.

24. My blood type is O Positive… universal donor.

25. As a kid, I nearly choked to death on a sour ball piece of candy.

26. “Act your age, not your shoe size” was a common expression. The closet I came was wearing size 12 at age 13.

27. I once won something in a drawing from a local television station but the letter arrived AFTER the deadline to pick up the prize.

28. I stand exactly 6 feet 0 inches tall.

29. I keep currency inside my wallet in ascending order with all Presidents facing the same way.

30. I once accidentally sent my first-born child to school with a can of beer in his lunchbox. Later I had some explaining to do with the school principal.


The United States Of America is anything but united

November 1, 2015


The diversity of our country that once was the glue in the fabric of our existence is now at its core in tearing us apart.

No longer is America the model melting pot that it was at the start of the 20th century. It’s now the 21st century and its individual parts are screaming among themselves and shattering this country into pieces.

Whites push their own agenda.

Blacks have their own stance.

Hispanics demand to be recognized.

Asians stand up for themselves.

Christians. Catholics. Jews. Muslims. Episcopalians. Methodists. Mormons. Gays. Lesbians. Feminists. Undocumented Immigrants. Democrats. Republicans. Liberals. Conservatives.

Every individual group that makes up our country is out for themselves. They form their own caucuses. They have their own newspapers. They create their own websites.

They broadcast over their own stations. They form their own opinions and hold fast to their own convictions.

They network. They organize.

Social media provides for their own voices to be heard but no one is listening. The voices are talking over one another like the biblical Tower of Babel.

In our infinite wisdom in the advancement of technology, we’ve gotten dumber.

We’re so connected that we’ve become disconnected.

We’ve alienated ourselves from each other.

We’ve lost the ability to co-exist.

One for all and all for one and every man for himself.

The United States of America is anything but united.

The Divided States of America.

It’s seen on our television sets. It’s written about in newspapers.

It’s plastered in blogs and comment sections all over the internet.

We’re in trouble. We’re in serious trouble. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Not only is our country in trouble. This phenomenon has spread globally.

Our entire planet is in trouble.

E.A.R.T.H. = Educate And Reform The Humans

We need unity. We need harmony. We need compatibility. We need understanding.

We need peace. We need to work together. We need to re-group.

We need reform. We need to recognize our own humanity. We need each other.

We. Not I. There is no I in team. We need to become better team players.

We need to realize that our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.

R. Buckminster Fuller was right. The belief in Spaceship Earth is our only true salvation.

Play the hand you were dealt

October 25, 2015


Life is like a game of cards.

When the cards of life are on the table, we have to play the hand we were dealt.

How we play those cards is a personal choice.

We may not like the cards we’re holding but they are the only cards that we have.

We have to take the cards we have and maximize the way we use our cards.

The way we play them will determine the outcome.

The hand that is dealt is determined.

The way we play it is free will.

If A Tree Falls In The Forest

August 11, 2015

And no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a blog is written on the internet and no one is around to read it, does it have an impact?

Denmark Lost Her Native Daughter

August 11, 2015


Toby passed away the other day. She was tall and lanky.

She always seemed to wear a smile.

Never heard her say a bad word about anybody.

She could never hurt a fly.

I’ll always think kindly of this Danish woman.

May she rest in peace.

Big Brother Is Not Only Watching – It’s Controlling

August 9, 2015


In corporate-controlled America, people are no longer seen as assets but liabilities. Human resource centers are being reduced to virtual reality portals. The elimination of jobs is purposeful and profitable.

Google has invested $287 million dollars to sponsor the Uber drive-for-hire techno company. Human drivers are being replaced by self-driving automobiles under proclamations in the advance of science. Blasphemy.

Cameras on street corners photograph vehicle license plates so ticket violations can arrive in the mail. Outrageous.

Artificial intelligence is being incrementally introduced into society. Don’t put up with it.

Mind-altering ingredients get placed into the food and water supplies. Stop the madness.

Cable television and internet websites are two-way surveillence systems.

Food store conglomerates use discount cards to monitor and track consumer purchases.

Is the United States a fascist society? Fascism is a political economic structure which serves corporate interests. Hmmmm.

Stand up and fight, America. The future is now. Take back control.

Get mad as hell and refuse to accept it anymore.

Gang War On Gasoline Companies

April 11, 2011


THE BUCK STOPS HERE: Is the high price of gasoline annoying you to no end? Do you realize that this skyrocketing trend is headed towards $5.00 per gallon by Memorial Day? The time has come for all concerned Americans to get “mad as heck” and let the oil companies know that we are not going to take it any more!

Please email the following oil companies and demand that they permanently SLASH THEIR PUMP PRICES BY 50%  immediately or an organized “Stop Driving Day” will be organized for Sunday, May 1st, in an effort to offset their artificially inflated supply-and-demand ratios…

British Petroleum:; Sun Oil Company:; Citgo Gasoline:; Valero Petroleum:; Shell Oil Company:; Chevron/Texaco:; Lukoil:; Exxon/Mobil: Go to and fill out their “contact us” page to file your complaint.

Thank you very much and power to the people!

Lighthouses Are Simply Magical!

May 12, 2010

(From New Jersey’s Discover Lighthouses brochure…)

“Lighthouses are many things to many people. To some, they are the seaside sentinels of a bygone era, idyllic landmarks set on picturesque beaches and bluffs. To others, they are a guiding light offering hope and comfort miles out on an often treacherous sea. But no matter what view you hold, everyone agrees on one thing: Lighthouses are simply magical!”

Not only are they architecturally beautiful but delightfully functional. Not sure when I first became so enchanted with these bold buildings of beacons – I just admire them on many different levels and try to visit as many as I can.

My collection of replica lighthouses is constantly growing and I don’t mind one bit.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

May 4, 2010


I’m not an avid birdwatching enthusiast but I do have an appreciation for all living creatures, including the feathered/winged variety.

I ‘ve used my copy of “An Instant Guide to Birds” to identify about twenty different species which I’ve come across in North America.

My favorite bird, which I seem to recognize most audibly, is the Northern Red Cardinal.  It has a distinguishing sound. TWEET tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet!

The Game of Bottle Caps

July 24, 2009


Before the advent of personal computers, the internet and cable television, play was ruled out in the street.

One popular outdoor game was called “Bottle Caps.”  It was conducted on a chalk-drawn playing field and the game pieces were simply modified bottle caps.  One would place a penny inside the cap then drip hot candle wax to fill it up for added mass and weight.

The object of the game was to slide or “pling” (using catapult finger-action) your bottle cap from the numbers “1” to “12”, stopping briefly in “Deadman’s Box”, and then back to “1” again.  That’s when your cap became a “Killer Cap” and you could destroy other bottle caps just by touching them.

If you happened to land inside “Deadman’s Box” by mistake, you had to go back to “1” if ascending or back to “12” if descending, depending on which way you were headed.

Of course, the game was temporarily held up with a shout of “Heads Up!” whenever an automobile drove by.