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The Return of the Naugles Fast-Food Mexican Restaurant

September 13, 2015


Naugles fast-food restaurant that specialized in serving tacos and hamburgers was started in California by former Del Taco partner Dick Naugle. By 1986, it had built up to 225 locations in the United States. Unfortunately, by 1995, economic business trends had changed and the last remaining location in Nevada had closed down.

Based upon a 2006 blog by a nostalgic consumer, the Naugles defunct restaurant chain is starting to make a comeback. After a twenty-year absence, an Orange County test kitchen materialized and experienced overwhelming demand and support. Developmental plans of restoring the former food company are in the works with the same mission statement slogan that Dick Naugle originally envisioned back in 1970: “Prepare food fresh – Serve customers fast – Keep place clean.”


Bird Flu: All That It’s Cracked Up To Be And More

August 9, 2015


Chickens are dying in droves. Egg prices have gone up. The poultry industry is scrambling for answers. And the American public is being told that you cannot get bird flu from eating or preparing poultry or eggs.

Because the bird flu is hitting egg-laying chickens worse than chickens raised for consumption, the price of poultry has dropped since other countries, most notably South Korea and China, have implemented a ban on all poultry products from the United States.

Bird flu. Mad cow’s disease. It’s never too late to become a vegetarian.

Fortunate Chinese Cookies

August 3, 2015


I ate a chinese fortune cookie the other day and was wondering who set the standard for this novel little treat?  The slip of paper measured 2.25” across and .5” high.  Are all fortunes the same size world-wide? Is there a regulatory board that mandates such requirements?

My fortune had these words:  ” 🙂  You love challenge.  🙂 ”  printed in black ink. On the other side were a green-printed three-digit daily number and a set of six single-digit and two-digit lotto numbers.

When did the chinese become such gamblers?  Are they even any good at gambling?  I don’t recall seeing any Chinese individuals on television holding up a huge lottery winner’s check.  The luck of the Irish I heard of.  Never the luck of the Asian.

I’ve also seen versions of cookie fortunes which try and teach you a chinese word on back.  There are even companies who will make custom fortunes and insert them inside cookies.  I guess that could be very entertaining for big events or parties.  Or for the guy who wants to propose to his girl by having the cookie pop the question for him. That would be memorable.

From everything that I can find over the internet, it appears as if chinese fortune cookies are purely a Chinese-American invention. It doesn’t seem like these cookies are readily available in mainland China, Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Only in America and other places abroad.

How fortunate for American-Oriental marketing and know-how.

The World’s Best-Tasting Chocolate

December 18, 2010

Move over, Hershey’s. Nope, it’s not Nestle’s either… The Wilbur Chocolate Company of Lititz, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County is an American original. Founded in 1865 by Henry Oscar Wilbur and Samuel Croft, they are the best-tasting chocolate candy manufacturer in North America… bar none!

The company produces more than 150 million pounds of chocolate per year, which is sold to major food companies and thousands of small shops.

Their store features a free candy americana museum that tells the history of the company and how their chocolate is made. The exhibits include antique chocolate molds, tins and boxes, as well as hand-painted European and Oriental antique porcelain chocolate pots. The museum was created by Penny Buzzard, wife of former Wilbur president John Buzzard, and opened in 1972.

Its most popular candy, the Wilbur Bud, was introduced in 1893. The Wilbur Bud closely resembles a Hershey’s Kiss, which debuted in 1907. The two products are also frequently compared due to the proximity of their manufacturers, Lititz being only about 20 miles away from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Wilbur Buds are not individually wrapped and have the word WILBUR on the bottom of the chocolate.

Hotdog Bloggers Must Be Happy Dogdroids

December 1, 2010


So the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile had a traumatic mishap in Wisconsin.  One of the twenty-somethings who was hired temporarily as a one-year hotdogger thought she was in reverse when she lurched forward and crashed into a house’s garage door and upper deck.  Oops.

I took note at all the varied news reports of the incident and had to laugh.  The American media loves these “Man Bites Dog” stories.  I decided to take it one step further and seek out Oscar Meyer Wienermobile information off the Krafts Food website and, lo and behold, what did I discover?

The corporate promotions department of the famous meatpacking plant hires cheerful, zany, smiling people to work as goodwill ambassadors for their famed frankfurter adventures. These over-zealous college grads, who obviously grew up worshipping Barney The Dinosaur, use every lame hotdog pun or reference imagineable to mankind.  “Ketchup with you later…” “Relish the opportunity…”  “Check out our buns and say hello…”  You name it. They even identify themselves with ridiculously obnoxious names like Lil Links Laura, C. Melton Cheddar, Torey Toppings, and Dijon John. The groans are practically non-stop.

No wonder it’s such a joy when the vehicle backfires and makes national headlines. However, it wasn’t all that dramatic as the news wanted it to be. The police said the unidentified female driver was trying to turn the Wienermobile around in the driveway and thought she was moving in reverse but she instead went forward and hit the home.

Wish I knew who it was… Leadfoot Lisa perhaps?  Who’s in a pickle now?

Shelby, North Carolina: Livermush Capital of the World

February 18, 2010

Welcome Sign
I was watching the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern when he visited the small southern town of Shelby, North Carolina as they celebrated a mystery meat known as Livermush.  Coming from Philadelphia, I figured it was a derivative of scrapple which wastes little of the swine.

Livermush is made from a mixture of at least 30 percent pig liver by law, head parts and cornmeal but I never realized how greatly it was embraced down there until after catching this particular episode of “Bizarre Foods.” They throw a yearly bash called Livermush Expo that attracts thousands of people in honor of the grayish-colored goodie.

They can eat it 24/7 – for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Livermush with eggs, livermush with jelly, livermush with mustard, livermush with mayonnaise, livermush on pizza. There seems to be no limit on how these Tarheels enjoy their livermush.

Mack’s Livermush & Meats of 1626 McKee Road in Shelby (704-434-6188) produces about 4000 pounds of the stuff daily. Surprised they don’t offer it on-line to be sold globally. Now that’s a lot of livermush!

Not Hooked By Swedish Fish Water Ice

August 5, 2009


Two of my favorite eats:  Swedish Fish Candy and Rita’s Water Ice. Unfortunately the combined effort, which launched July 31st, missed the mark.

The featured frozen dessert flavor doesn’t taste anything close to the gummi red candy version.  It’s almost like an extra sweet cherry flavor.

I give it “one fin” out of a possible five. Very disappointing.

Rita’s banana water ice is still number one. Tastes just like a real banana. Not artificial-tasting like other water ice versions.