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The Extinction Of The Dinosaur

August 10, 2015


Over the course of many years, the slow-footed goliath began its epic decline.

Some theorists say an explosion from the landing of an asteroid was the cause for its demise.

The changing world and its inability to adapt pushed it further and further behind in nature.

The creature’s brain was only about the size of a walnut.

A major metamorphosis was in effect and the dinosaur was doomed.




Gang War On Gasoline Companies

April 11, 2011


THE BUCK STOPS HERE: Is the high price of gasoline annoying you to no end? Do you realize that this skyrocketing trend is headed towards $5.00 per gallon by Memorial Day? The time has come for all concerned Americans to get “mad as heck” and let the oil companies know that we are not going to take it any more!

Please email the following oil companies and demand that they permanently SLASH THEIR PUMP PRICES BY 50%  immediately or an organized “Stop Driving Day” will be organized for Sunday, May 1st, in an effort to offset their artificially inflated supply-and-demand ratios…

British Petroleum:; Sun Oil Company:; Citgo Gasoline:; Valero Petroleum:; Shell Oil Company:; Chevron/Texaco:; Lukoil:; Exxon/Mobil: Go to and fill out their “contact us” page to file your complaint.

Thank you very much and power to the people!

Recordbreaking Snowfall Calls For “The Big Dig.”

February 10, 2010

As my father used to say, “We only have this trouble in the wintertime; Never in the summertime.”

The Northeast has gotten hit pretty hard this winter – shattering the record of 65.5 inches set in 1995-1996.  How could I forget? That was when we got over 30 inches of snow in January and my newborn twins were just over one month old! Is it time to break out the champagne and party hats or what? Just as long as they are warm and lined.

Does anyone else have distaste for news coverage during winter storms or is it only me? Local reporters act as if this is the first time snow ever fell on the planet. Come on. Get real, people! And put those stupid company-issued rulers away! Taking measurements of your little mound of snow while on camera is so idiotic.  Oooooh, ahhhhhh!

Meteorological Note: I remember this from my elective meteorology course back in college… Every 25,000 years, the seasons ROTATE… bringing sunny days in December, January & February and bitter cold during June, July & August. Think about building snowmen and throwing snowballs while school is out! ~Ha ha ha.

The Caped Crusader’s Little Buddies Are In Trouble

August 10, 2009


The United States has a bat problem.  And soon, a bigger bug problem.  In a USA Today posted story, originally from the Nashville Tennessean, a mysterious illness has been killing bats in droves and the scourge is widespread throughout the Northeast; not just in the South.

You see, these nocturnal creatures are part of nature’s bug control system.  A half-million bats can annually consume 2.4 million pounds of bugs.  I find it amazing that we can even quantify something like that.

No time to lose. Better call out for the Bat Signal, Commissioner Gordon. This has serious global insect implications.

Motor Racing: A Huge Waste Of Fossil Fuel

July 16, 2009


Okay, NASCAR fans and other motorheads are not going to enjoy this stand but I guess I just don’t get all the hoopla of automobiles speeding around in circles wasting precious gallons of gasoline for the huge profits and amusement of others.  It’s also quite dangerous and innocent lives are at risk at every single racing event.

A few years back, one blogger from Oregon (calls himself Crallspace) defended his anti-racing viewpoint against one commenter by stating “If you could look at what cost racing is to those of us NOT entertained by it, instead of this selfish, ‘Freedom no matter what’ bullsh*t, you may understand. When there’s no planet left to be free on, what’s the point of freedom?”

My sentiments exactly. I’d much rather watch grass grow or paint dry.