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So Connected: Society Is Actually Disconnected

July 29, 2010

More and more, I am observing individuals who are so intent on texting – some even while operating motor vehicles – or plugged into headphones and are in another world while using public transportation (myself included) that we miss out on the little subtleties and nuances of everyday life.  Every once in a while, we need to unplug ourselves and re-connect with the non-virtual world to achieve some sort of balance.  I would be in favor of a National “Turn Off All Electronics and Cellphones” Day to celebrate such sense of diversity.


Cable Television Has Ears

July 13, 2010

ShhhWhile millions of homes worldwide are wired for cable television reception, coax cable or fiber-optics is not just a one-way flowing device.  The actual speaker inside an ordinary television set can doubly act as a microphone and transmit sounds back to the originating point.

I once had a telephone amplifier with an external speaker and when this jack was unplugged and inserted into a cassette recorder’s microphone inlet, it allowed for some interesting muffled sound chamber recordings.

So be careful what you say within the privacy of your own home because Cable TV is listening!