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Red Skelton Loved To Paint Clowns

October 5, 2015

Canvas, 11x14"

Comedian Red Skelton (1913-1997) always considered himself a clown rather than a comic. He believed his life’s work was to make people laugh so he wanted to be known as a clown because he defined it as being able to do everything.

In 1943, Skelton began producing artwork but did it privately for many years. He said he was inspired to try his hand at painting after visiting a large Chicago department store that had various paintings on display.

Skelton’s artwork of clowns remained a hobby until 1964 when his second wife Georgia, a former art student, persuaded him to have his first public showing of his work at the Sands hotel in Las Vegas where he was performing.

Skelton believed painting was an asset to his comedy work as it helped him to better visualize the imaginary props he used in his pantomime routines.

When asked why his artwork focused on clowns, he first said, “I don’t know why it’s always clowns.” After thinking a moment he continued by saying. “No, that’s not true. I do know why. I just don’t feel like thinking about it.”


What A Working Word Press Might Look Like:

September 22, 2015


The Fine Line Between Sheer Brilliance And Insanity

September 16, 2015


I didn’t even know who American pianist/composer/author/comedian/actor Oscar Levant was but now feel the need to apologize for paraphrasing him.

Natalie Wolchover of LiveScience asked the same question, “Why Are Genius and Madness Connected?”

Her views: “Many of history’s most celebrated creative geniuses were mentally ill, from renowned artists Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo to literary giants Virginia Woolf and Edgar Allan Poe.

Today, the fabled connection between genius and madness is no longer merely anecdotal. Mounting research shows these two extremes of the human mind really are linked — and scientists are beginning to understand why.”

The rest of her research becomes scientific and goes into explaining details about bipolar disorder.

Not exactly the direction where I was heading but one of life’s little mysteries, only less mystifying.

If You Can Drink, You Can VOTE!!!

February 23, 2010

Yowsa!  I have officially entered one of my artwork pieces in the Second Annual Spring Arts Festival being held inside the Loft at The New Hope Winery in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  My 16 x 20″ acrylic painting of “Pennsylvania-On-A-Pole” will compete with 39 other artists for top honors. The first place finisher receives a $100 gift certificate as top prize. More wine!

This 2010 event is taking place on the weekend of Saturday, March 13th and Sunday, March 14th – 11am to 5pm both days.  Customers will be doing the voting while also enjoying wine by the glass in the Loft as well as wine tasting downstairs.

The New Hope Winery is a charming wine and gift shop housed in a rustic 18th century barn, located right between New Hope and Peddler’s Village. Since 1993, The New Hope Winery has showcased and sold a large selection of fine Pennsylvania wines, accessories and gourmet foods.

I encourage everyone to spend some time enjoying local art in this delightful environment and cast a vote for my painting!

Be sure to visit my on-line art shoppe at

Bottle Art – It’s not the BEER that went flat

July 21, 2009


A small business in the southern tip of Florida, known as Key West Bottles, flattens bottles and turns them into cheese boards, cutting boards, coasters and wall art. Each piece of glass has it’s own air bubbles and individual characteristics making each finished piece one of a kind.  I love the concept!

I stumbled upon this fascinating idea while browsing through a friend’s copy of Draft Magazine for beer enthusiasts.

Operating in a studio, Pat Lloyd claims it requires a twenty-two hour process to melt down glass bottles and flatten them.  All this for about $10.00 (plus $6.00 base shipping and $1.00 additional charge per bottle – likely waived if you supply your own.)  Bottles bigger than regular single-serving beer and coca-cola sized are charged more.

Her motto: “You drink it…We’ll flatten it!”

Vodka With A Kick

July 10, 2009


Yikes…. powerful stuff!  (Never drink and drive.)

My Dream Cartoon Panel in The Jewish Exponent

July 6, 2009


I always wanted to draw a comic strip for The Jewish Exponent and name it “Mishegoss.”

According to The New York Times, Mishegoss comes from the word meshuga, which means crazy. Meshuga: crazy. Mishegoss: craziness or idiosyncrasy.

Perfect cartoon name for that religious publication, don’t you think?

Sunny Day at Mount Rushmore

July 3, 2009
These men on the mountainside have it made in the shade.

These men on the mountainside have it made in the shade.

An Optical Illusion – Frog vs Horse

July 2, 2009


(Same image — > just turned 90 degrees)

Sticky Paintings

June 23, 2009


In 2007, Chicago-area digital photographer and graphic designer, Eric Malder*, created a series of acrylic paintings called “Maps On A Stick.”

He posted his artwork on and sells each 8” x 10” original canvas for $15.00, plus $5.00 shipping. Cool stuff for a guy who began his career in 1993 by making christmas cards on a photocopying machine. His interactive website ( is worth checking out as well.

Eric’s twin brother, Matt, is equally talented in the arts. Check out his creations at *purposely misspelled