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Realizing What “Macro We Stand” Means

October 8, 2015


While watching some online baseball playoff video highlights, a Budweiser beer commercial popped up promoting “Macro We Stand” and “Beechwood Strong” images on screen.

Turns out, it is part of what started back in April as an advertising blitz against micro-brewed handcrafted beers.

Anheuser-Busch is countering that their macro-brewed, mass-produced beer is bigger and better than any micro-brewed ale on the market, insisting that consumption of their alcohol isn’t to be fussed over but enjoyed.

“Beechwood Strong” refers to their claimed process of beechwood aging which implies that their technique is a flavor enhancer.

The sales tactic is bold, brash and in-your-face messaging that depicts their product as being geared for manly men while subliminally suggesting that micro-brewed beverages are for wusses.

Big dollars are at stake. Anything goes when it comes to market-share.