About This Blogger

Ira Frank is a talented, self-acclaimed master of artistic virtue and, what’s more, a total gentleman. He enjoys solving cryptograms and takes pride in driving five miles below the posted speed limit. An American Red Cross blood donor, Ira has given over eight gallons of hemoglobin in an effort to secure a delicious-looking sheetcake upon his future 80th donation. His favorite flavor of ice cream used to be Haagan-Daaz rum raisin but it has much to much sugar and fat calories. He likes sea monkeys, lighthouses and the Three Stooges but not particularly in that order. Ira has three wonderful children from a previous marriage. You can reach Ira Frank via email at ikeman23@juno.com


9 Responses to “About This Blogger”

  1. lifeisacookie Says:

    OMG — we are TOTALLY the same universal blood-donor type! BFFs 4-EVAR!
    But — and I’m sorry, but it has to be said — the BEST most outstanding flavor of ice cream is Baskin Robbins’ Baseball Nut – hands DOWN!

  2. txhrtnsol Says:

    Yes, I do agree you are truly a gentleman and a good-hearted man..you are all that and a pint of rum raisin. Thank you for posting my poem..

  3. lifeisacookie Says:

    Where do you get your art?

  4. dabchick Says:

    I agree. There is something so, very special about being a universal donor. Have you ever donated at a mobile unit?

    • thepighasacurlytail Says:

      Yeah.. actually a couple of times at a mobile unit. It was this huge bus outfitted to take donations at a blood drive for work.

  5. Frank Ch. Eigler Says:

    “driving five miles below the posted speed limit”

    Watch out for the giant underground mole-beasts.

  6. Stephanae V. McCoy Says:

    Hello Ira, thank you for visiting, commenting and following my blog. I love the title of yours and your About. Sea monkeys?? I loved those but sadly haven’t seen any in, gee I guess maybe 40 years or so. Come to think of it my poor kids missed on this particular delight.(drat another mark against that Mother of the Year Award), oh well. It’s a pleasure meeting you and I can’t wait to read your posts. ~Steph

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