Possible Jersey Devil Sighting Captured On Camera


With Halloween just around the corner, a recent photo taken by a New Jersey resident is going viral.

The controversy is whether or not the image depicts what appears to be a flying llama, otherwise called by locals as the Jersey Devil.

The photo was taken off Route 9 in Galloway near the Jersey Shore.

According to legend, the Jersey Devil has been described as having horns, wings, walking on its hind legs, and has cloven hooves.

The photographer claims it is not a hoax. He says the shot was not digitally altered nor photoshopped. The winged creature allegedly flew away over a golf course when the photo was being taken.

Superstition surrounding the Jersey Devil goes all the way back to the late 18th century, when a witch by the name of Mother Leeds supposedly had her 13th child.

This cursed baby soon transformed into a hideous creature with leathery wings that took flight and left home, becoming what is now known as the Jersey Devil.

Scary stuff if one believes in mythical monsters.


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