Tennis Fans Are Idiots To Blame Loss On Fake Curse


Forget about the Boston Red Sox and the Bambino. Get rid of the billygoat and the Chicago Cubs. And don’t even dare think about any kind of Drake Curse on tennis player Serena Williams.

Williams lost her bid for the U.S Open championship and the chance of winning the Grand Slam of Tennis because she was outplayed by Italy’s Roberta Vinci. No curse. No spell. Just outplayed.

It had nothing to do with any alleged superstition of hip-hop singer Drake watching her play. She lost all on her own.

Were the Brooklyn Dodgers cursed against the New York Yankees when they lost all of those World Series games of the 1940’s and 50’s? No.

Was Mike Tyson cursed against James “Buster” Douglas in his heavyweight title defense years ago? Absolutely not.

The odds against unseeded Vinci upsetting the top seed Williams were 300-to-1. That means during 299 other matches, Williams would have wound up winning. David simply slew Goliath.

Give the foreign lady her due. She came up big.


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