Family Feud Is A Racist Game Show


One fan of the popular game show complains: “I’ve never seen a black family versus a black family, a white family versus a white family, or any other races. It’s always black versus white. Do they do that on purpose?”

Yes, it is done purposely and, according to one anonymous contributor who actually worked on the set, it’s all due in part to the show’s demographics:

“Actually I worked very briefly with the show. You have to remember the main viewers of the show are not white. Its 70% black as its viewer base. Also, and more importantly, they do not select out of the entire U.S. as the entire U.S. does not attempt to go on the show. They select from families that apply and its quite a bit over 50% black people who apply to go on it. Hope this clears things up. By the way, they have had white on white many times. Also several asian families.”

Another unnamed viewer takes note of the program’s location: “The show is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia where the population is roughly 54% African-American, 42% White, and 4% Asian.”

Family Feud’s successful television formula is racism sells.


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