LBJ And The Texas-Sized Turkey Shoot


Shortly after John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in as his replacement.

On the morning of New Year’s Day that January, Johnson’s long-time mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown recalled LBJ telling her at Austin’s Driskell Hotel that “Texas oil and those f__king renegade bastards in Washington” (meaning the CIA) had murdered Kennedy.

In effect, he was saying that JFK was killed on his behalf. Many skeptics already believed that he had something to do with the shooting either by helping to orchestrate it or had advanced knowledge of it and agreeing to be part of the cover-up.

LBJ had assistance from the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover in obtaining secret information on John F. Kennedy and using that knowledge to force him to be his Democratic running mate in the 1960 Presidential election. Hoover had dirt on almost everybody in Washington D.C.

Johnson was the politician’s politician. He also keep close-knit political ties with Senator Nelson Rockefeller, Trenton Parker of the CIA, oil tycoon H.L. Hunt as well was other high-end land moguls and governmental types.

(Music) “The stars at night/Are big and bright/BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG/Deep in the heart of Dallas!”


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