This Just In: Sarah Silverman Is A Comedic Genius


The first time I noticed the comedy of Sarah Silverman, she played a writer on Gary Shandling’s “The Larry Sanders Show.”

Then I enjoyed her performance as Jack Black’s roommate’s girlfriend in “School Of Rock.”

Her short-lived “Sarah Silverman Show” where she lived next door to a gay couple was also quite entertaining.

She appears as the very first guest on the late Joan River’s internet talk show called “In Bed With Joan” where the set was made up as a bedroom. Different.

One movie that didn’t quite appeal to me was her role as Jeff Garvin’s love interest in “I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With.” The entire movie was kinda weak actually. Sorry, Jeff.

Lately, she’s been turning up on with Jash-produced videos that are funny. Not ha-ha funny but cognitive funny.

She played a detective along with Seth Rogen and they got shrunk in size to enter a dog’s butt.

She sang a whimsical duet with Jeff Goldblum and one commenter posted that they should burn CDs and call themselves “Gold and Silver.” Cute.

Another funnybone tickler is her “Diva” song where she plays the guitar solo in front of a rainbow and reaches the one-word chorus.

No doubt about it. She is a bonafide genius.


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