The Mysterious Death Of Karyn Kupcinet

Karyn Kupcinet was a little known actress and daughter of a Chicago reporter and television host.

Her death by strangulation occurred in West Hollywood one week after the Kennedy assassination took place.

Whether her demise was in part due to the President’s shooting is pure speculation. There is even concern that the coroner’s ruling for cause of death could be inaccurate because he was known to be an alcoholic.

The dead actress, who had gotten an abortion in Mexico that past July, left a strange note which read: “I’m no good. I’m not really that pretty. My figure’s fat and will never be the way my mother wants it. Why must I be so alone. What’s the use of living with nothing to believe in? There’s nothing only phony motives, selfish egoists, selfless people, fat heads and drunks and I want out. I like President Kennedy, Bertrand Russell, Theodore Reiks, Peter O’Toole, Sydney J. Harris, Albert Finney.”

Both her actor boyfriend and her downstairs neighbor were considered one-time suspects but no charges were ever brought
against them.

JFK conspiracy theorists think maybe the Chicago mob had been involved as warning to her famous father.

Her death remains unsolved today.


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