Operation: Nazi Hunter


Simon Wiesenthal was a jewish holocaust survivor. After WWII, he dedicated his life to finding those individuals responsible for helping to terminate his people in Nazi death camps.

“When history looks back, I want people to know the Nazis weren’t able to kill millions of people and get away with it.” said Wiesenthal.

He was the world’s best-known Nazi hunter and spent his time in a tiny office filled with files, cards and registration records. He had a secretary and a few volunteers. He was on a mission.

He captured the feared Adolph Eichmann in Buenos Aries; he located Karl Silberbauer, the gestapo officer who arrested Anne Frank, in Austria working as a police inspector; he found Hermine Braunsteiner, an SS female who supervised the murder of hundreds of children, living as a housewife in Queens.

He’s been credited for hunting down over 1,100 former Nazis over the years.

For his work, Wiesenthal was honored by many governments for his tireless efforts in bringing war criminals to justice.

Simon Wiesenthal died at his home in Vienna in 2005, aged 96.

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