Where Is The 1888 Silver Ball Award Of The Negro Leagues?


A negro league tournament was held in New York in 1888 to determine the colored championship of baseball. The four teams
which participated were the Cuban Giants, the Pittsburgh Keystones, the New York Gorhams and the Norfolk Red Stockings.

The surprise team of the tournament was the Pittsburgh Keystones managed by Walter S. Brown who were the only team who
were not considered professional. On the field the Keystones were led by Weldon Walker, brother of Moses Fleetwood Walker, and Sol White who is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Giants part-owner John M. Bright donated a silver ball as the grand prize to go to the winning team. The Cuban Giants won.

The current whereabouts of the 1888 silver ball are now unknown. It is not housed in Cooperstown. It is not housed at the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City. It is not part of the negro league exhibit on display at the Legends of the Game Museum at Ameriquest Field in Arlington, Texas.

The last known location of the 1888 silver ball was documented in September 1946 in Newark NJ when the silver ball was tossed out as the ceremonial first pitch by heavyweight boxer Joe Louis at game two of the Negro League World Series between Newark and Kansas City. It was in possession of Ben Holmes who was a special guest of Eagles owner Effa Manley in attendance that day. Holmes was the former team captain and third baseman of the Cuban Giants and a resident of East Orange. He was 88-yrs-old.

Where oh where has the silver ball gone? Oh where oh where can it be?


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