Big Brother Is Not Only Watching – It’s Controlling


In corporate-controlled America, people are no longer seen as assets but liabilities. Human resource centers are being reduced to virtual reality portals. The elimination of jobs is purposeful and profitable.

Google has invested $287 million dollars to sponsor the Uber drive-for-hire techno company. Human drivers are being replaced by self-driving automobiles under proclamations in the advance of science. Blasphemy.

Cameras on street corners photograph vehicle license plates so ticket violations can arrive in the mail. Outrageous.

Artificial intelligence is being incrementally introduced into society. Don’t put up with it.

Mind-altering ingredients get placed into the food and water supplies. Stop the madness.

Cable television and internet websites are two-way surveillence systems.

Food store conglomerates use discount cards to monitor and track consumer purchases.

Is the United States a fascist society? Fascism is a political economic structure which serves corporate interests. Hmmmm.

Stand up and fight, America. The future is now. Take back control.

Get mad as hell and refuse to accept it anymore.

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