The Rise And Fall Of Peter Edward Rose

heddfirstLike Shoeless Joe Jackson and his 1919 Black Sox teammates, Pete Rose is the ninth man out. His gambling illness made him so delusional to think that he was above it all and was bullet-proof and that rules don’t apply to him.

In his “Prison Without Bars” book, it talks about his two personality disorders. He suffers from both ADHD and something called oppositional-defiant behavior. Like thinking that he is right and the rest of the world is wrong. This attitude of self may have helped him become the player with the most hits in the game, among other records, but it was sadly also his undoing.

Who in their right mind goes to upstate New York every summer to oppose Hall Of Fame festivities and sell autographs? Love of conflict. That’s Pete Rose logic.

Rose is an obsessive, aggressive maniac who once said that he would walk through h_ll in a gasoline suit for baseball. Sparky Anderson was filmed at a table with Pete and they were reminiscing about how Sparky lovingly referred to him as an animal on the playing field once he put on a baseball uniform.

No doubt Rose was a great player and accomplished alot of things in the game. He thought he was Superman and got caught.

Cooperstown will never enshrine him. Ever. And you can bet on that.

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