Lee Harvey Oswald Was Just A Patsy

cia_lhoIn 1963, Air Force Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty served as the focal point liaison officer between the Pentagon and the CIA. When JFK was shot, Prouty was halfway around the world in New Zealand where it was 6:30am on November 23rd and yet newspapers there already had the story of portraying Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman in the assassination.

The headlined article had all the details of his service in the Marine Corps, of his living in Russia, of his Russian wife, and then the complete scenario of the perpetrated crime.

Prouty noted, “Even the Dallas police had not charged him with any crime by the time that paper had hit the streets.” Some person or underground organization had conspired to setup Oswald and supplied the planted scoop to the awaiting media. News doesn’t carry that fast on its own. Especially in 1963.

When Oswald admitted that he was just a ‘patsy’, he truly meant it.

Then two days later, local tough guy Jack Ruby fatally shot Oswald live on television while he was being escorted in Dallas police custody for all of the world to see. The need for any trial was over at that point.


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