What If You Had Two Blackball Pitchers Nicknamed “Cannonball?”


Negro League sensation and Hall-of-Fame hopeful Cannonball Dick Redding could have possibly managed the Brooklyn Royal Giants between 1927 and 1932 to play against the New England-based Philadelphia Giants and challenged their little-known ace pitcher, Cannonball William Jackman.

In 1913, Redding allegedly was 43-and-12 for the New York Lincoln Giants with several no-hitters while the Taunton Daily Gazette named Jackman as “the world’s greatest colored pitcher” in 1929 with a 48-and-4 record  with two no-hitters.

Too bad these two black hurlers never had the opportunity to face one another on the mound in their prime. Redding was born in Atlanta GA in 1890 and retired from pitching by the early 1920’s while Jackman came from Carta TX and was born in either 1894 or 1897. He didn’t begin throwing professionally until 1925.

Can you imagine what a classic pitching duel that would have been like? Pure power versus pure power. Goose egg after goose egg with multiple strikeouts on both sides. Much like Satchel Paige facing Smokey Joe Williams.

A likely low scoring contest for sure.


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