Fortunate Chinese Cookies


I ate a chinese fortune cookie the other day and was wondering who set the standard for this novel little treat?  The slip of paper measured 2.25” across and .5” high.  Are all fortunes the same size world-wide? Is there a regulatory board that mandates such requirements?

My fortune had these words:  ” 🙂  You love challenge.  🙂 ”  printed in black ink. On the other side were a green-printed three-digit daily number and a set of six single-digit and two-digit lotto numbers.

When did the chinese become such gamblers?  Are they even any good at gambling?  I don’t recall seeing any Chinese individuals on television holding up a huge lottery winner’s check.  The luck of the Irish I heard of.  Never the luck of the Asian.

I’ve also seen versions of cookie fortunes which try and teach you a chinese word on back.  There are even companies who will make custom fortunes and insert them inside cookies.  I guess that could be very entertaining for big events or parties.  Or for the guy who wants to propose to his girl by having the cookie pop the question for him. That would be memorable.

From everything that I can find over the internet, it appears as if chinese fortune cookies are purely a Chinese-American invention. It doesn’t seem like these cookies are readily available in mainland China, Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Only in America and other places abroad.

How fortunate for American-Oriental marketing and know-how.


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