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Gang War On Gasoline Companies

April 11, 2011


THE BUCK STOPS HERE: Is the high price of gasoline annoying you to no end? Do you realize that this skyrocketing trend is headed towards $5.00 per gallon by Memorial Day? The time has come for all concerned Americans to get “mad as heck” and let the oil companies know that we are not going to take it any more!

Please email the following oil companies and demand that they permanently SLASH THEIR PUMP PRICES BY 50%  immediately or an organized “Stop Driving Day” will be organized for Sunday, May 1st, in an effort to offset their artificially inflated supply-and-demand ratios…

British Petroleum:; Sun Oil Company:; Citgo Gasoline:; Valero Petroleum:; Shell Oil Company:; Chevron/Texaco:; Lukoil:; Exxon/Mobil: Go to and fill out their “contact us” page to file your complaint.

Thank you very much and power to the people!