The World’s Best-Tasting Chocolate

Move over, Hershey’s. Nope, it’s not Nestle’s either… The Wilbur Chocolate Company of Lititz, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County is an American original. Founded in 1865 by Henry Oscar Wilbur and Samuel Croft, they are the best-tasting chocolate candy manufacturer in North America… bar none!

The company produces more than 150 million pounds of chocolate per year, which is sold to major food companies and thousands of small shops.

Their store features a free candy americana museum that tells the history of the company and how their chocolate is made. The exhibits include antique chocolate molds, tins and boxes, as well as hand-painted European and Oriental antique porcelain chocolate pots. The museum was created by Penny Buzzard, wife of former Wilbur president John Buzzard, and opened in 1972.

Its most popular candy, the Wilbur Bud, was introduced in 1893. The Wilbur Bud closely resembles a Hershey’s Kiss, which debuted in 1907. The two products are also frequently compared due to the proximity of their manufacturers, Lititz being only about 20 miles away from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Wilbur Buds are not individually wrapped and have the word WILBUR on the bottom of the chocolate.


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