Hydrazine Sulfate As Cure-All for Breast Cancer is a Hoax

No one is more disappointed than me.  When I first heard Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione on the Howard Stern Show in 1995 touting how the drug Hydrazine Sulfate cured his wife of breast cancer, I was hopeful that the medical world was on to something big.

In 1995, Kathy Keeton, wife of Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione, achieved widespread publicity with claims that hydrazine sulfate had enabled her to recover from stage IV metastatic breast cancer after doctors gave her only 6 weeks to live.

In January 1997, Keeton and Guccione both appeared on The Montel Williams Show to further discuss the so-called benefits of hyrdazine sulfate as a “miracle cure” for late stage breast cancer.

Several months later, however, Keeton passed away during surgery to remove tumorous tissue from her upper digestive system.  That was in September 1997.

Dr. Saul Green, a highly regarded cancer researcher, examined all of the evidence concerning the hydrazine sulfate (HS) and came to this conclusion about the dreaded drug:

* HS has never been shown to act as an anticancer agent
* Patients do not experience remissions or regressions of their cancer due to HS treatment
* Patients treated with HS do not live longer than nontreated patients.
* Although HS may correct abnormal carbohydrate metabolism in some cancer patients, the rationale that it acts as an anticancer agent because it deprives cancers of their energy by inhibiting formation of glucose from lactic acid (gluconeogenesis) is erroneous.
* HS has not been shown to be an effective anticancer agent.
* HS is not risk-free.


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