The Decade Drone Count Begins…

Just think, Big Brother is going to tally all of us just to try to meet our needs. That’s the facade behind the decennial tabulation. Knowledge is power.

While War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength… always remember, Knowledge is Power.

The U.S. Senses* Bureau is a very knowledgeable branch of government, which makes the Department of Commerse* very powerful.

Know all… See all… Omni-Present… Access to your information… Able to view you on camera… Track your progress via your cell telephone like it’s a personal GPS. They know everything about you.

They can hear you through your cable television hook-up.  Eavesdrop on your conversations.  Follow you by the paper trail that you leave every day.

Just fill it out and mail it back.

Don’t dare keep Big Brother waiting.

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