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Has America stopped looking for Usama bin Laden?

March 18, 2010


After September 11th, 2001, Usama bin Laden became public enemy number one and we were determined to hunt him down and bring him to justice for claiming responsibility to the tragic terrorist attacks on America.

He remains on the FBI’s Ten Mosted Wanted Fugitives list and Most Wanted Terrorist list.

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Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, in one of his movies, suggested that Usama bin Laden had huge American energy business ties, involving then-President George W. Bush.  Wouldn’t that create a total conflict of interest?

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On a September 23rd, 2006, posting by the Free Republic, the report of Usama bin Laden’s alleged death was announced and noted as the source was the Lorraine daily newspaper, L’Est republicain. Saudi police sought to confirm this finding but no further documentation was provided.

The original article was written in French but put through a web translator and fixed up as best as possible.  A comment to the posting claims he died in Tora Bora in 2001 but is there hasn’t been any proof to that rumor.

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In March 2009, the New York Daily News website speculated that Usama bin Laden was in Chitral, a sealed-off Pakistani paradise. The area is reported to have “stunning peaks and deep valleys” which implies a safe and secure hideaway.

In the article, CIA Director Leon Panetta tells Congress he asks “every day” where Bin Laden is hiding.  What good is that doing?

At the bottom of the page, there is a reader’s survey about the so-called continued manhunt:

(   )  Yes – We’re close to tracking him down.

(   )   No – We haven’t found him yet after more than 7 years.  He’ll keep eluding us.
(   )   Someone will capture him eventually, but probably not the U.S.

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What is the correct spelling of his name anyway?  Is it Usama bin Laden or Osama bin Laden?  Maybe we need to come to a consensus in order to find him.

Is America even still trying?


eBay and Guilty Seller Facing Pending $10,000 lawsuit

March 10, 2010

Gassette Petit-Frere of Ocala, Florida  should have thought TWICE before she offered her USED JuiceMaster II Fruit and Vegetable juicing machine as being in alleged NEW condition.

I purchased this item off eBay back on February 10th and it arrived nine days later – obviously in pre-owned condition.

First off, the lid to the box was ripped;  the interior pulp extraction screen had dried pulp on it and the outside of the contraption was dirty.  It may have been  in “like new” condition but definitely not new.

So I emailed the seller via AOL and complained but received no response.

Two days later, on February 21st, I opened a dispute in eBay’s Resolution Center against “brewilnic” (Petit-Frere’s username on eBay) and filed for a partial 25% refund of my $31.00 purchase price – that amounts to a whopping $7.75.

I won my claim and Petit-Frere agreed to those exact terms and was given three days to comply.

By February 24th, not a peep.

On February 25th, I decided to send a a “Request Money” order through PayPal to Gassette.

Two additional days later (February 27th), still nothing from the guilty seller.  Now I am getting agitated.  And frustrated.  And angry.

My request for money was finally fulfilled on March 1st but with one little glitch… PayPal was charging me a FEE to get back my money.

That didn’t seem right to me so I contacted a PayPal customer service representative named Ramir but he couldn’t refund me the 52 cent fee.  He suggested that I REFUND the partial refund (?) and have the seller send it BACK to me utilizing the “Issue Refund” link on their end.

I waited this long to finally get Gassette’s refund and now I need to give it back and have it re-issued?  Alright, PayPal – thanks for making me jump through hoops!

It’s been over a week now and Petit-Frere is supposedly out-of-town until March 22nd (according to her husband who claims to know nothing of this transaction.)  I am still without my partial refund.

I complain to PayPal’s help center and, because it’s not a full refund, they refuse to do anything about it.  They leave it between the buyer and seller to work it out.

What????  What sort of “Buyer Protection” is that?  I could scream until I am blue in the face – I need PayPal to enforce the Resolution Center’s decision and FORCE the seller to issue me my refund the proper way so I don’t get penalized for collecting my money.

I become so livid I can barely see straight.  So instead, I wrote a strong letter to eBay, with a carbon copy going to my attorney, since eBay is the parent company of the online finance dealer, PayPal.

The certified letter contains  my full complaint about the entire dealings and my wholehearted threat that if my case is not resolved to my SATISFACTION within ten (10) business days, I plan to have my lawyer file a lawsuit against both co-plaintiffs, the seller Gassette Petit-Frere and eBay, in excess of $10,000.

All I want is my partial refund of $7.75 (without a PayPal fee) plus reimbursement of all my postal costs (postage and certified mail = $6.42).  That brings the total to $14.17.

Otherwise my lawsuit will add compensation for hardship and suffering into the mix in the form of dollars amounting to five-digits.

The ten-day deadline of March 18th is just days away.

Do we really need to go there?  Stay tuned!

(And justice for all.)

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UPDATEPaypal concluded their investigation into my claim and I was awarded an amicable refund from the seller via PayPal in the amount of $14.59.