Shelby, North Carolina: Livermush Capital of the World

Welcome Sign
I was watching the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern when he visited the small southern town of Shelby, North Carolina as they celebrated a mystery meat known as Livermush.  Coming from Philadelphia, I figured it was a derivative of scrapple which wastes little of the swine.

Livermush is made from a mixture of at least 30 percent pig liver by law, head parts and cornmeal but I never realized how greatly it was embraced down there until after catching this particular episode of “Bizarre Foods.” They throw a yearly bash called Livermush Expo that attracts thousands of people in honor of the grayish-colored goodie.

They can eat it 24/7 – for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Livermush with eggs, livermush with jelly, livermush with mustard, livermush with mayonnaise, livermush on pizza. There seems to be no limit on how these Tarheels enjoy their livermush.

Mack’s Livermush & Meats of 1626 McKee Road in Shelby (704-434-6188) produces about 4000 pounds of the stuff daily. Surprised they don’t offer it on-line to be sold globally. Now that’s a lot of livermush!


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