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Obviously, There Is More Than One Captain Obvious

February 28, 2010


According to the Urban Dictionary, there are numerous (and repetitive definitions) of “Captain Obvious:”

1. A sarcastic name for someone who states the obvious.

Capt: “The sky is blue.”
Man: “Thanks, Captain Obvious.”

2. A phrase quite obviously inspired by John Madden.

Contrary to popular belief, Captain Obvious is capable of flying but is afraid to, so he drives around the country in an RV, constantly on the lookout for blatantly obvious things to explain to the general public.
“Buffalo trails New England by three points at the two minute warning. When we return, that means Buffalo will have two minutes left to try to score. A field goal will tie the game. A touchdown will put Buffalo ahead. If Buffalo scores with any time left on the clock, New England will have a chance to try and score…”

3. A very slow-witted individual, usually one who states the most obvious thing.

A: “Hey, water’s wet!”
B: “Good call, Captain Obvious!”

4. Someone who says something that is so obvious, it’s not worth remembering what the person actually said.

Jim: “Hey, the world is in the universe!”
Timmy: “Well,well, thank you, Captain Obvious.”

5. Saying something that is obvious, that didn’t need to be said, and someone pointing out, wow, well done.

Another common term linked to this is also ‘No shit, Sherlock!’

6. Anyone who states the obvious.

Someone: “Soda’s bad for you.”
Me: “Thanks, Captain Obvious!”

7. A person who states the obvious as if nobody knew it already.

8. When a person says a thing that is obvious, you call them Captain Obvious.

9. Someone that has stated the clearly obvious.

A. “Hot chocolate is hot.”
B. “Thank you, Captain Obvious.”Coffee Cup


If You Can Drink, You Can VOTE!!!

February 23, 2010

Yowsa!  I have officially entered one of my artwork pieces in the Second Annual Spring Arts Festival being held inside the Loft at The New Hope Winery in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  My 16 x 20″ acrylic painting of “Pennsylvania-On-A-Pole” will compete with 39 other artists for top honors. The first place finisher receives a $100 gift certificate as top prize. More wine!

This 2010 event is taking place on the weekend of Saturday, March 13th and Sunday, March 14th – 11am to 5pm both days.  Customers will be doing the voting while also enjoying wine by the glass in the Loft as well as wine tasting downstairs.

The New Hope Winery is a charming wine and gift shop housed in a rustic 18th century barn, located right between New Hope and Peddler’s Village. Since 1993, The New Hope Winery has showcased and sold a large selection of fine Pennsylvania wines, accessories and gourmet foods.

I encourage everyone to spend some time enjoying local art in this delightful environment and cast a vote for my painting!

Be sure to visit my on-line art shoppe at

Shelby, North Carolina: Livermush Capital of the World

February 18, 2010

Welcome Sign
I was watching the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern when he visited the small southern town of Shelby, North Carolina as they celebrated a mystery meat known as Livermush.  Coming from Philadelphia, I figured it was a derivative of scrapple which wastes little of the swine.

Livermush is made from a mixture of at least 30 percent pig liver by law, head parts and cornmeal but I never realized how greatly it was embraced down there until after catching this particular episode of “Bizarre Foods.” They throw a yearly bash called Livermush Expo that attracts thousands of people in honor of the grayish-colored goodie.

They can eat it 24/7 – for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Livermush with eggs, livermush with jelly, livermush with mustard, livermush with mayonnaise, livermush on pizza. There seems to be no limit on how these Tarheels enjoy their livermush.

Mack’s Livermush & Meats of 1626 McKee Road in Shelby (704-434-6188) produces about 4000 pounds of the stuff daily. Surprised they don’t offer it on-line to be sold globally. Now that’s a lot of livermush!

Recordbreaking Snowfall Calls For “The Big Dig.”

February 10, 2010

As my father used to say, “We only have this trouble in the wintertime; Never in the summertime.”

The Northeast has gotten hit pretty hard this winter – shattering the record of 65.5 inches set in 1995-1996.  How could I forget? That was when we got over 30 inches of snow in January and my newborn twins were just over one month old! Is it time to break out the champagne and party hats or what? Just as long as they are warm and lined.

Does anyone else have distaste for news coverage during winter storms or is it only me? Local reporters act as if this is the first time snow ever fell on the planet. Come on. Get real, people! And put those stupid company-issued rulers away! Taking measurements of your little mound of snow while on camera is so idiotic.  Oooooh, ahhhhhh!

Meteorological Note: I remember this from my elective meteorology course back in college… Every 25,000 years, the seasons ROTATE… bringing sunny days in December, January & February and bitter cold during June, July & August. Think about building snowmen and throwing snowballs while school is out! ~Ha ha ha.

Affordable Artwork For All

February 7, 2010


This past week, I launched an Etsy Art Store called “Graphically Yours.”  It features original acrylic paintings of Geography-On-A-Pole, custom-designed fashion jewelry and personalized ladies’ notecards. Check it out!



And don’t forget to check out my wearable artwork webstore from CafePress, also!!!