The Fictional Sinking That Preceeded The Titanic


American author Morgan Robertson (1861-1915) published in 1898 the short fictional novel called “Futility” in which a British passenger luxury liner named the “Titan” hits an iceberg and sinks on her maiden voyage from New York to London without enough lifeboats in the month of April in the North Atlantic.

Ship-to-Ship Comparisons:


Too eerily similar to be coincidental. Possibly prophetic? How could Robertson have written such a tale fourteen years prior of its real-life counterpart coming true? Was he a psychic visionary?


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One Response to “The Fictional Sinking That Preceeded The Titanic”

  1. Yvonne Kennedy Says:

    I, in the last few days, have just finished listening to an audio tape of the book, “The Wreck of the Titan, or Futility”. It is my understanding, from this audio tape, secured through libraries, that the Titan went down on its third voyage, and not on its maiden voyge. Its maiden voyage was sucessfully completed. But, this whole situation is indeed very errie!

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