When Kathy Griffin Speaks, People Laugh


Hilary Shepherd, a Northern California Kathy Griffin fan and local notary public diva, had this to say about seeing the redheaded comedienne perform live in Concord, California:

“Let me start by saying that Kathy Griffin is friggin’ hilarious. She’s also quite crude and makes absolutely no apologizes for it; my kind of girl, indeed.

Attacking everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion to Barbara Walters and even poking fun at herself, Kathy swings a sword of quick wit, dipped in deep rooted D-List bitterness.

But through it all, I could see that Kathy was being genuine and truly herself – not some character the world wants her to be. Somehow, knowing that the cruel jokes came from a place of true heart and love for making people laugh, they didn’t seem cruel at all and were just downright funny.”

She is hugely popular among a fan base of gays and lesbians without being lesbian herself.

Griffin executive produces and stars in Bravo’s “Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List” reality TV show. Check out her official website of KathyGriffin.Net.

Team Griffin consists of Mom Maggie; tour manager Tom Vize, and personal asistant Tiffany Rinehart. Oh, and don’t forget Kathy’s two dogs, Chance and Pom Pom.

Tom sometimes has that crazed “Jack-Nicholson-from-The-Shining” look to him which is sort of creepy but he seems about as harmful as a ladybug munching a leaf.

Tiffany is known for her unique laughter which is overheard at nearly everything Kathy says or does. Her good-girl-next-door charm just glistens through on the small screen.

Gone and noticeably absent from the troop is Jessica Zajicek, former number one personal assistant.  Information on her departure is pure conjecture. All that Kathy Griffin stated on her reality television show was a quick blurb about Jessica deciding not to return in order to pursue other interests.  (Maggie impression) “Jesus Christ, Kathleen, that’s hardly enough juicy gossip that we expect from you!”

My own unproven theory as to what really happened to Jessica Zajicek? Publicity-hungry Kathy Griffin was getting exceedingly jealous of the younger, hipper, blonder assistant’s rise to fame from the TV program and, in an “All About Eve”-evil maneuver, she axed her from the Southern California comedy compound before you can sing “She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes!”  Nice, huh?


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