The Rainbow Is An Almighty Reminder


It rained the other day.  As the mist was coming down, the sun was still shining so my friend and I were looking around outside – wondering if there would be a rainbow in the sky. Sure enough. We spotted it.

The defraction of light was stunning – like a prism projecting its beauty across the heavens.

A meteorology professor at Penn State once declared that every rainbow is personal. The rainbow that you see is your own specific rainbow – stimulating your retina and no one else’s in the exact same manner.

At the conclusion to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, God placed a beautiful rainbow in the sky as a reminder to all living things that he would never flood the Earth again.

The rainbow is God’s covenant with the world. Like the calm after the storm.

IMG00019-20090724-1952 00000Roy_G_Biv


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