Not Hooked By Swedish Fish Water Ice


Two of my favorite eats:  Swedish Fish Candy and Rita’s Water Ice. Unfortunately the combined effort, which launched July 31st, missed the mark.

The featured frozen dessert flavor doesn’t taste anything close to the gummi red candy version.  It’s almost like an extra sweet cherry flavor.

I give it “one fin” out of a possible five. Very disappointing.

Rita’s banana water ice is still number one. Tastes just like a real banana. Not artificial-tasting like other water ice versions.


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One Response to “Not Hooked By Swedish Fish Water Ice”

  1. what? Says:

    I’m thinking you got a crap version. This tastes ONE HUNDRED PERCENT like Swedish Fish. I told my mom, dad, and sister to taste my waterice and guess the flavor (blindfolded!) and they all guessed Swedish Fish.

    At least at first. When you get used to the mind-numbing, totally awesome flavor (heaven on earth! better keep this ice), it starts to taste like a flavorful cherry. Not that I mind, I love cherry. =)

    Perfect combo, geniuses are working at the Rita’s pitch station.

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