The Exciting Adventures of Jonny Quest


Great Hanna-Barbera cartoon growing up. Very entertaining. I lived vicariously through Jonny’s exciting life along with his best friend, Hadji Singh, who was always chanting “Sim sim salabim!”  When once asked to spell the word “Mississippi”, Hadji responded “Do you mean the state or the river?”

Bandit was the dog.  Jonny’s father was Dr. Benton Quest, some scientist guy.  Julie Bannon came along later. The best character on the program was, without a doubt, the bodyguard and assistant Roger “Race” Bannon.

Race was awesome. He had all the snappy retorts, too. He was like a true G.I. Joe-type. Probably had government military training in special ops. He is Jessie’s father on the show and best described as being cool, quick and confident. What a macho dude.


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