The Game of Bottle Caps


Before the advent of personal computers, the internet and cable television, play was ruled out in the street.

One popular outdoor game was called “Bottle Caps.”  It was conducted on a chalk-drawn playing field and the game pieces were simply modified bottle caps.  One would place a penny inside the cap then drip hot candle wax to fill it up for added mass and weight.

The object of the game was to slide or “pling” (using catapult finger-action) your bottle cap from the numbers “1” to “12”, stopping briefly in “Deadman’s Box”, and then back to “1” again.  That’s when your cap became a “Killer Cap” and you could destroy other bottle caps just by touching them.

If you happened to land inside “Deadman’s Box” by mistake, you had to go back to “1” if ascending or back to “12” if descending, depending on which way you were headed.

Of course, the game was temporarily held up with a shout of “Heads Up!” whenever an automobile drove by.

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One Response to “The Game of Bottle Caps”

  1. sherry Says:

    Played this game when i was a kid and oh what fun we had. Great memories.

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