Funny-isms from 43Things.Com


A) I touched Flavor Flav. A friend and I got up close during their set at Pitchfork and he reached out to the audience and I reached up and touched his elbow. My hand has yet to erupt in blisters, so I think I’m okay.  ~mondayrowing

B) Yesterday I was sitting waiting for a bus (not the most exciting activity in the world), but I started to poke my tongue out at the little boy next to me, which made him burst into a fit of giggles. ~redjellybaby

C) I wish I had a pet chicken! As long as me and my fat self doesn’t eat it.  ~Xxshowitsdone

D) How to become a vegetarian: Just dont eat meat. It’s hard, especially when you’re hungry and there’s nothing to eat.  ~jennuhhwafflee

E) Learn to control animals’ minds, set a whole of bunch of animals free, and have the tigers guard my secret base while I have the monkeys and gibbons steal gold at Fort Knox, and then start a fake business as a front for my revolt of the animals to reclaim the world. ~49 people want to do this (obviously immature people)

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