Enough To Make A Native American Cry


I often wondered what a litterbug looked like.  Cartoon images of litterbugs are literally “littered” (pun intended) all over the internet.  Didn’t post any, but the school-age drawings of litterbugs are precious.  Pure and innocent.

The “Don’t Mess With Texas” slogan is actually an anti-littering campaign.  When I first heard that one-liner, I initially thought it was self-proclaimed arrogance.  Sorry, Tex.  My bad.

Some buttons against littering read: “Hey! The earth is not your ashtray!” and “People who litter are trash.”

Norristown once had an innovative yet questionable mayor who added his name as a personal touch to public trash receptacles: “Toss it for Ted.” Unfortunately, LeBlanc himself got tossed eventually for corruption violations but I felt the phrase was indeed catchy.

Any way you look at it, litter is an eyesore.  Plain and simple, just don’t do it.


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