There’s Nothing Like Good Satire!


And this is great satire. The internet blog Stuff White People Like is the creative outlet of Christian Lander, a Toronto-born comedy writer, who pokes fun by being self-depreciating, raising questions along racial lines without being hurtful, and allows people to truly look at themselves under the guise of satirical humor.

The best part are the posted comments by three different audiences: those who really get it, those many who really don’t, and those few spammers (Portnoy, are you reading?) who are so blatantly and offensively racist that it’s a crying shame that cruel and unusual punishment is banned under the eighth amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

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Sampling of responses to the topic of dog yoga classes:

(A) Hilarious, just freakin’ pricelessly hilarious. The shit we white people do. ~Tina

(B) More proof that there’s something very very very wrong with white people. ~Theyearofasking

(C) So, like, now I can’t go to yoga class without a rabies shot and poopie bags? Great. But I do love my designer flea collar. It matches the dog’s.  ~P.L. Frederick

(D) I love how all the dogs in those pictures are like “WTF is this human doing? When am I going to get fed!?” ~Beth

(E) Somehow I think my 115 & 125 pound domestic wolves would look at me like I was nuts. They’re smart dogs. ~ck

(F) SWPL -Panhandle version- Keeping wolves as pets. While wearing Ed Hardy yoga apparel. ~only partially wite

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Too bad SWPL can’t add itself to the list of stuff that white people like. That would be too much like Jerry Seinfeld (Season 4) deciding to sell a television show about nothing to NBC.


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One Response to “There’s Nothing Like Good Satire!”

  1. Davis Says:

    I hope dogs have just enough intelligence to figure out how silly it is

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