Capitalism Will Never Allow For A Cure Of Cancer


Cancer is a horrible disease. It kills hundreds of thousands of people. Capitalism will never allow for cancer to be cured. There is simply too much money to be made in the cancer industry. Think about it.

I feel for the Alex Scott family. After they lost their daughter, Alex, to a form of pediatric cancer, they started a foundation to continue her lemonade sales in support of cancer research. Who can say no to a child doing fundraising against a terrible disease known as cancer? Absolutely no one. The public relations factor is huge. It’s the classic case of Samson vs. Goliath.

But the truth is, capitalism will never allow for a cure for cancer. Why? Because too many oncologists and cancer treatment centers would go out of business if that were the case. Too many livelihoods would be ruined. Too many careers at risk.

Remember a product called Roach Prufe® ? It is an insecticide powder that someone invented to kill cockroaches. The insect would walk through this powder, and it stuck to their body and legs. When the cockroach returned back to its nest, the product did a great job in destroying roaches where they live and breed.

The problem is that it worked too good. So good, in fact, that a bug exterminating conglomerate was rumored to have bought out the company who made Roach Prufe® and eliminated it from the marketplace. Roach Prufe® supposedly got exterminated – not the cockroaches.

If bug exterminators are too efficient, no one would ever need their services again.  The same thing is true about cancer. What’s that called? A conundrum. Double conundrum.

conundrum (ke-NUN-drem)  n.  A problem admitting of no satisfactory solution.

The ongoing search for a cure for cancer is one thing. The actual cure is another. It’s hazardous to the health of the industry itself.

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