Look What I Got For A Buck!

I love dollar stores. I luckily found this sports book about Yogi Berra and boyogitenringsught it for a dollar. In 2003, it debuted at $24.95 but I got it at 96% off the original retail price. This is now the fourth baseball book I have purchased from dollar stores. My first book was “Pete Rose: My Prison Without Bars.” The second one was Don Zimmer’s “The Zen of Zim.” My third one was Jim Kaat’s “Still Pitching.” From a Greek Festival’s flea market near Norristown, I found Paul O’Neill’s book, “Me and My Dad”, for just fifty cents. Yogi’s book, detailing his ten victorious World Series years with the New York Yankees, fits right up there with those acquisitions. I never realized until now that he has one World Series ring for each of his ten fingers. Joe Dimaggio had nine. The awkward-looking Yogi topped Joltin’ Joe by one ring!

In Ken Burns’ documentary, “Baseball”, I remember the story of former major leaguer Birdie Tebbetts asking Hall of Fame manager Casey Stengel what his secret was for all those years of winning with the Bronx Bombers. Casey said cryptically, “I never played a game without my man.” Birdie pondered that puzzling thought and figured out that Casey’s man was none other than Number 8, Lawrence “Yogi” Berra.

Gotta love dollar stores.

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